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New Year

This is the day/date which signify the beginning of new calendar, this is a worldwide festival which is celebrated in the whole world, depending upon their tradition different people have different way to celebrate this festival.

It depends on country to country some country celebrate new year on the eve of 31 December, while some countries celebrate new year on 1st January, but countries like who follow their known calendar, they celebrate new year according to their won calendar.

At present the Gregorian calendar, is almost in whole world and the beginning of the New Year is almost global now, it is on the first January. It is now continued by regional and local calendar. But still the countries like India, china, Israel, celebrate New Year on different dates.

New Year’s Eve and New Year Day are symbolized in various ways throughout the world the midnight between New Year eve and the New Year’s Day is marked by fireworks and file cracker. This is best part many people thought out the country drink and toast with champagne or other sparkling wine.



The very first celebration of the New Year was recording of the New Year celebration that was celebrated in Mesopotamia, c. which was around 2000 B.C. it was celebrated around vernal equinox, in the time of mid-march. With this start the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Persians began celebrating New Year, form them the New Year celebration has grown to almost whole world.

New Year eve

People almost in the whole world dress colorfully and are indulge in fun activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, they attend parties. Night club, movie theaters, resorts, restaurants and amusement parks and the best part these days let it be a person of any age group, all are filled with joy and are ready to enjoy their heart out.new year, happy new year quotes 2019,Happy new year quotes, new year quotes 2019,new year quotes, happy new year quotes, funny new year quotes, happy new year images, happy new year photos,

On this day people greed each other, by exchanging massages, greeting card and gifts, some get special gifts and some get the thing they were expecting for a long time.

The best part of this day is that on this day people are ready to forgive every one and are ready to forget what ever has happen in the past, they are interested in having a good start.

People make resolutions, most of them includes weight loss, leaving bad habits and indulges new good one. Working hard their carriers.

There are many live concerts which are been organised, in some of the cites like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.

The main idea behind saying goodbye is that they say good bye to all tension, stress all bad habit and welcome New Year with some desire they want to full fill.


Funny myth: the funny math the January 1st is that, the way your 1 day is going to be the whole is going to be the same. So some people work very hard on this day, and end up sleeping the whole year, thinking that they will do it later.


Describing New Year eve: the eve of the New Year is that time when the whole earth lightens up. The sly is filled with vibrant fireworks. The atmosphere is full of energy light and filled with happiness here and there. From romantic eve to full moon parties. Let’s describe the new year of some of the cities around the world.

  • London: it bring the New Year with much elan. It is celebrated by multi-colored firework. It is made at the edge of the river, but can be seen from any part of the London.
  • Singapore: this cites is famous for the display of chaotic and rings of fireworks in the New Year. The whole Singapore lightens up with light shows and projections. The marina bay ranks high among the best New Year celebration around the world.
  • Hong Kong: the display of firework can be seen from the boat, from a sky keepers they create dazzling spectacle and a superb atmosphere.
  • Sydney: the Sydney ranks for one of the world’s largest firework display, on the New Year eve. The colorful sparks which come out of Harbor Bridge is one of the defining firework. Millions of people gather around the arena to watch this amazing firework.

New Year 2019, there is no time left for the New Year event to come. Get ready to for celebrating like never before, gather with your lived once celebrate the New Year as if you are in one of the best New Year party. Make this eve a memorable one. This New Year get indulge in the celebration in some of your favorite destinations. Mix it all, star night, alcohol, music and let the party go high. Take you partner or your friends, family and ready to dine, drink, Dazzle the exchange of gifts and make up a valuable an experience by being an active part of excitement. Have a blast enjoy never ending music and continues flow of alcohol.


  • This New Year make some nice resolution and a must resolution is that you will try your level best to spread happiness and always keep your family happy.

“Happy new year”

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